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We Provide Foundation Stabilization, Waterproofing, Drainage, and More

For concrete/masonry foundation repairs in Wheeling, WV, and St. Clairsville, Ohio, contact Huffner Contracting. We provide stabilization, waterproofing, drainage, and more to fix foundations. If serving in this type of industry is something you want to do, we welcome your employment application. For information about us and all of our concrete services, or for an estimate, contact us online or call (304) 232-6020.

Top Five Signs We Might Need to Fix Foundations in St. Clairsville, Ohio

At Huffner Contracting, we build homes and build garages to last. That said, sometimes even the best home constructions and garage constructions wind up needing adjustments. The need to fix foundations is one of the more common home repair issues that we see. Though foundation issues certainly vary, five of the more common signs we need to fix foundations include:
  • Poor Water Drainage
  • Bowing Walls 
  • Door Gaps
  • Uneven and Sagging Floors
  • Lots of Bugs in the House

Waiting to Fix Foundations in Wheeling, WV, Creates Long-Term Problems

Waiting to fix foundations can result in long-term problems for homeowners or business owners. Any expansive soils will keep expanding, and with every seasonal move, the structure of the home will weaken. Most importantly, the longer it takes for homeowners to fix foundations, the more damage can occur. Drywall and floor tiles can crack and plumbing drain lines can be pulled out of working order. The more damage in the home that occurs, the more expensive the repairs. Add to that, the cost of labor and materials always increases over time. The sooner homeowners fix foundations with minor issues, the better … call Huffner Contracting to help!

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