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in wheeling, wv, and st. clairsville, ohio

Huffner Contracting Can Completely Remodel Your Residence or Business

Get quality home improvements in Wheeling, WV, and St. Clairsville, Ohio with Huffner Contracting. As a locally owned building and in-house design center, we can remodel or add more space to your residence or business. To ask questions about us and our services, call (304) 232-6020 for an estimate, or contact us online. We also invite prospective and seasoned contractors to fill out our application of employment.

Convert Empty Closets in Wheeling, WV, into Additional Bathrooms

Common home renovations in and around Wheeling, WV, by Huffner Contracting include kitchen and bath remodeling projects. If your bedroom has an unused closet, consider a bath remodel by converting one into a master bathroom. You could also turn an unused hall closet into an extra main bathroom or powder room. Adding more bathrooms to your residence increases the resale value of your home.

Redo Kitchens or Turn Rooms into Bedrooms in St. Clairsville, Ohio, Homes

Another way to increase your St. Clairsville, Ohio, home’s resale value is with kitchen remodeling or adding bedrooms. Consider a kitchen remodeling project, like upgrading to an island kitchen. To increase room adjacent to your kitchen, you could downsize to a galley style. Also, an empty room can become a bedroom with its own door and closet. If you have an unoccupied room without a closet or privacy door, consider this simple remodeling option.

We Also Build Homes, Provide Garage Construction Services, and More

Besides doing household and commercial remodeling, plus landscaping and concrete and foundation work, we also build homes and garages. If you have a home construction project idea or need garage construction services, give Huffner Contracting a call. We work with customers throughout the region to build garages, homes, and other contracting options.

in wheeling, wv, and st. clairsville, ohio,
Huffner Contracting always gives you quality home improvements.